Christian Discipleship and Leadership

7 mountains

The Seven Mountain Prophecy

Every Christian believer needs to understand his or her work is not a “secular” calling but a God assigned mission. Discover your mountain and the influence you have. CLICK NOW TO READ MORE

Disciple new and maturing Christians

Jesus said, “go and make disciples and one of the most comprehensive programs available for new converts is the Growing Deep and Strong Series. CLICK NOW TO READ MORE

The ©Growing Deep and Strong Series

is an intentional Christian Discipleship and Small Group Leadership program designed to quickly establish new believers in their faith and will take a person from a pagan background to a Christian small group leader in 12 months or less. The ©Growing Deep and Strong Series is about changing and transforming the lives of people from the inside out. It’s Easy to Teach, if you have proven leadership and management skills or have completed the Series as a disciple, then you can easily take others through ©Growing Deep and Strong by following the steps we have written into the Coach’s manuals. It is a 19 weeks or 37 weeks off-the-shelf-mentoring Bible Study discipleship course that will grow a non-Christian into a mature Christian.

It has been designed as an intentional discipleship path for new and maturing believers. It’s unique style is written in an easy to understand format to quickly establish Christians in their faith with minimal supervision through equipping and involving ordinary Christians in leadership.

The ©Growing Deep and Strong Series consists of an Evangelism video and four nine-week modules, including two Encounter Weekends. The purpose of the four modules is to establish a new believer quickly with strong Biblical foundations, free disciples from bondages that they may bring into their Christian walk, help them to reach out to people they know and equip them to be a Coach and disciple these people. for more information go to the website CLICK NOW TO READ MORE


The Alpha course is an 11 week evangelistic course which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith, it creates and environment and space for christians to discuss their faith, the meaning of life and God. The course began in London, Britain at a church called Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) in 1977. In 1990 Nicky Gumbel took the Alpha courses and repositioned it as a course for those outside the church. Over 30,000 churches and organisations have ran Alpha with over 1.3 million participants. CLICK NOW TO READ MORE

Alpha Online

The Alpha course is online.  The Alpha Film Series will take you an epic journey exploring the basics of the  Christian faith and answer many questions that most seekers are asking when they are trying to understand “this God Stuff.” It is free to watch and  can help you discover the Christian faith from the privacy of your home or wherever you may be. CLICK NOW TO READ MORE

God’s Generals and Christian Leaders

God called Roberts Liardon to  write and produce a book and DVD series entitled “Gods Generals.” One of the books is called “God’s Generals, why they succeeded and why some fail.” It is a riveting book that sets out to highlight the success and failures of some of God’s Generals and how we can prevent ourselves from making the same mistakes. CLICK NOW TO READ MORE

Roberts Liardon Youtube Teachings

Roberts Liardon has a YouTube library of teachings that are free to watch and many cover God’s Generals of the past. CLICK NOW TO READ MORE