Christian Psychology and Mental Health


It is our desire to help you discover and develop the gifts that God has already placed within you. Our book and testing materials are designed to help you understand yourself, how God created and gifted you, and realize your full potential.

Our hope is that this teaching, which is based on Romans 12:6-8 ‘will revolutionize your life and allow you to find purpose, direction and inspiration to serve God and to serve others’.


Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting

Emotion Coaching: The heart of Parenting is a life changing 5-step method for parents. educators and care-givers. The 5-step method builds emotional intelligence and creates positive, long term lasting effects for children.

Drs. John and Julie Gottman present this proven program to show you how to be there for your child when it really counts.

Their teachings will help you to;

  • Learn the best ways to respond when your child is sad, angry, or scared
  • discover how to use emotions as opportunities for connection and teaching
  • Learn how set clear, consistent limits while helping your child problem-solve

There website has amazing testimonials of success by parents


The Heart of Parenting

21 days to a Toxic -Free Mind

Dr.Caroline Leaf will help you learn how to Think the Right way.

The Program

Every moment of everyday your thoughts impact your spirit, soul and body. By controlling the direction of your mind, you control the direction of your life. the 21 Day Brain Detox Plan is a life changing program that only takes 7-10 minutes  every day for 21 days.

Dr. Caroline Leaf uses her five step “Switch On Your Brain” method. The 21 Day Brain Detox is accessible online through various platforms, your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.

On the Goodreads website over 3,600 reviews score an average score of 3.93 out of 5

This life changing program can be found on Dr.Caroline Leaf’s website


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