GDAS Manuals

Growing Deep and Strong, a Discipleship and Leadership Course

The ©Growing Deep and Strong Series is an intentional 19 weeks or 37 weeks Christian discipleship and small group leadership program to help you quickly transform the life of a new Christian. You will take a person from a pagan background to a Christian small group leader discipling others in 12 months or less. If you have a burning desire to disciple others, this is for you. We have made it easy to use and simple to teach, we have given you all the Bible verses and commentaries in the Coach’s manual that you will ever need to disciple a new Christian. It is biblically sound and easy to teach. It has been designed to empower ordinary Christians who have a desire to teach new believers on how to live a transformed life according to God’s word. We collectively spent over 35,000 hours to give you a complete-off-the shelf Christian Bible study discipleship and leadership course that you simply purchase and implement. To review or Purchase the Growing Deep and Strong Series CLICK HERE