Christian Finances and Money Management

Unlocking Wealth from the Courts of Heaven

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Do You Need to Fix Your Money Thing? Discover the spiritual laws of God s Kingdom. Fighting waves of debt is hard enough. But you don’t need to drown. Discover the spiritual laws of God s Kingdom and exactly how to apply them:
  • Put a plan in place to be out of debt in less than 7 years (including your mortgage!).
  • Save money on every purchase!
  • Uncover the hidden intersection of spiritual truth and financial principles.
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Discover Money Mysteries from the Master: Time-Honoured Financial Truths. Be propelled to success in your finances through the powerful teachings of Jesus! Gary Keesee uses everyday examples, amazing stories and Jesus’ parables to shed light on the powerful truths of the Bible and how they are relevant to:
  • paying the bills
  • providing for your family
  • making ends meet
  • marketplace ministry
  • having wealth for the purpose of expanding the kingdom of God.
Compassion works exclusively through the Church to develop the value in every child, and break through the barriers for that child to be released from poverty. Compassion’s holistic child development programs are unique in being delivered in partnership with local churches in developing countries. We believe that it’s not enough to simply feed a child in poverty without introducing them to the source of life, Jesus, our programs address not only the physical needs of children and their families, but also their spiritual needs through bible-based teaching. CLICK NOW TO READ MORE